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October 5, 2017 - World Mental Health Day Summit - Patricia Arevalo-Caro, LPT Program Supervisor Center for Clinical Training ICBHS - El Centro

World Mental Health Day Summit is on October 6th. The summit will take place on Imperial Valley College Campus. The summit is to inform and educate the local leadership and communities of the Imperial Valley.

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October  12, 2017 - Little Flower Yoga for Kids - Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA Founder of Little Flower Yoga, Inc.

Little Flower Yoga is dedicated to making yoga and mindfulness available to children and teenagers. It challenges students to learn in new ways, make connections, and recognize their capacity to achieve. Join us as founder Jennifer Cohen Harper explores the role of mindfulness and focused movement in improved behavior and academic performance.
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October 19, 2017 - Attention Deficit Disorder in Children - Pria Persaud, MD Board Certified Psychiatrist Children Services ICBHS - El Centro

We all know kids who can’t sit still, who never seem to listen, who don’t follow instructions no matter how clearly you present them, or who blurt our inappropriate comments at inappropriate times. Sometimes these children are labeled as troublemakers, or criticized for being lazy and undisciplined. However, they may have ADD/ADHD.
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October 26, 2017 - Madness: A Bipolar Life - Marya Hornbacher - Author, Professor and Journalist

“Madness will push you anywhere it wants. It never tells you where you’re going, or why. It Tells You it doesn’t matter. It persuades you. It dangles something sparkly before you, shimmering like that water patch on the road up ahead. You will drive until you find it, the treasure, the thing you most desire.” -Marya Hornbacher, Madness: A Bipolar Life
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November 2, 2017 - Transgender: Understanding the Gender Umbrella - Dr. Ebony M. Williams, Psy.D. Cultural Competency Consultant

41% of people who identify as transgender report attempting suicide. Dr. Ebony M. Williams joins us to discuss the traditional gender model compared to the gender umbrella. Learn how the gender model may no longer be applicable, due to the different ways that people in our society see themselves or identify them-selves within a complex gender umbrella.
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