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December 10, 2020 - Season of Gratitude - Juan J. Flores, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Behavioral Health Manager Youth and Young Adults Services.

In our hectic lives, with all of our responsibilities and commitments, quiet reflection of gratitude can be easily misplaced. The winter season, full of holidays for some, offers us a chance to reconnect to the mental health benefit of realizing we have so much to be thankful for, followed up by demonstrating that gratitude to the world so that the spirit of gratitude is as infectious as a winter cold, but as healthy as a warm bowl of chicken soup for the soul.
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December 17, 2020 - Older Adults Program Overview - Marie Arroyo-Contreras, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Program Supervisor Adult and Older Adults Services-Calexico

The Older Adults Program provides a wide array of mental health services at several locations throughout the Imperial Valley. Clients are assessed to identify individual needs, strengths and treatment history, as well as their developmental, vocational, and social history. Join us as Marie Arroyo-Contreras tells us more about the program and services that are provided.
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December 24, 2020 - Breaking the Mental Health Stigma in Schools - Guadalupe (Lupita) Castro, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Interim Director of Student Health Services Imperial Valley College

Students should not be worried about seeking mental health help due to the fear of stigma, everyday we as a community should work together towards the reductions and abolition of stigma that surrounds mental health. This is getting accomplished at schools with different programs that are either independently run by the schools or in collaboration with Behavioral Health. Please join us as Lupita Castro goes more in depth about this important topic.
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December 31, 2020 - General Adults Program Overview - Joaquin Zambrano Program Supervisor Adult and Older Adult Anxiety & Depression Clinic-Brawley

The Adults Program has different services that are available to clients. The variety of programs include: medication support services, crisis intervention services, targeted case management, rehabilitation services, substance use disorder treatment, anxiety and depression services, and the Wellness Centers. Come and join us as Joaquin Zambrano talks more in depth about the Adults Program and the many services that it provides.
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