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May 3, 2018 – The Ever Forward Club  - Ashanti Branch, M.Ed. Founder/Executive Director The Ever Forward Club

“If we don’t initiate the young men, they will burn down the village” - African Proverb. Our nation’s young men of color are getting disciplined in school, dropping out, and facing unemployment and involvement in the criminal-justice system at disproportionately high rates. Club mentors create a safe space for young men to come together weekly in circles to have fun, enjoy food and engage in the process of removing the mask of masculinity; peeling off the layers of pain, frustration, fear, sadness and disappointment. Through this work, the young men start to show up with greater passion and purpose, which provides them with a clearer life direction.
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May 10, 2018 - Moral Reconation Therapy - Brad Huffey, Ph.D. Psychologist/Trainer Correctional Counseling Inc.

Moral Reconation Therapy-MRT® is an effective systematic, cognitive-behavioral approach that treats a wide range of issues including substance abuse, domestic violence, trauma, parenting, job skills, and other issues. Moral reasoning is how people make decisions about what they should or should not do in a given situation. Moral Reconation Therapy works in a group therapy model to change lives through awareness, personal responsibility, and service to others.
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May 17, 2018 - Mental Health First Aid - Patricia Arevalo-Caro Program Supervisor Center for Clinical Training Staff Development Outreach & Engagement

The Mental Health First Aid program is an interactive training that introduces participants, 16 years of age and over, to risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems. This training builds understanding of their impact and outlines common treatments. Mental Health awareness can build safer, healthier communities.
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May 24, 2018 - safeTALK -  Daniela Hernandez, LMFT Program Supervisor Adult El Centro Anxiety & Depression Clinic

safeTALK prepares community members to identify persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them safely to suicide first aid resources. Join us as we explore how to build a suicide-safer community.
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May 31, 2018 - Transitional Engagement Supportive Services (TESS) - Mayra Andrade Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician Transitional Engagement Supportive Services

In the midst of a mental health struggle, distress can make obtaining support nearly impossible. Imperial County Behavioral Health Services offers this engagement service, funded by the Mental Health Services Act of 2004, to connect people experiencing mental health concerns to the necessary supportive services to maintain safety and jumpstart recovery.
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